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Here is what Julia Davidson had to say about Bob's book:

"I wanted you to know the enthusiasm immediately. That’s a beautiful, beautiful, clear book. It’s so simple. I could sit right down and take that right in... Allness is not a word; it is something we become conscious of. And that emanates completely from this manuscript. This was given to you to express, given to you to clarify. The Truth has always been here, but by the time it gets in most books, we don’t recognize it as the truth; but this is beautifully clear. I never saw anything that looked clearer, so polished, so simple. This emanated from the withinness of Truth. And it’s been given to be released."


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Have the awareness that the most wonderful life possible is already planted within your consciousness awaiting its gestation and birth through your continuous realization of it.


When you realize that you are the Consciousness of God individualized, you also realize that you have no reason to keep that consciousness entombed in the dream of a separate self in a world of good and evil— “Who told thee that thou wast naked?” Instead, you open your consciousness to receive the Grace of God in silence and in stillness. You serve God thereafter by keeping your mind free of belief in material powers so that you may be able to behold how that Grace unfolds as your life.


Close your eyes and become aware of your physical body, then regard it as an optical illusion. That is how it appears to the Consciousness that you are.


Everything that you perceive with your physical senses is a concept, and a concept is never Reality; it is only a concept of reality. Since Consciousness is infinite, it is the only substance, the only presence, the only being. When, through a dedicated meditation regimen, you let in fourth-dimensional truth, concepts begin to “deappear” with the dawn of enlightenment. Then Reality— and your oneness with it—is revealed as always having been present.


Could God have made consciousness? No, because God would need to be conscious in order to make anything. Therefore, Consciousness exists as the infinite and eternal Substance of God. So I am conscious by virtue of the fact that God-consciousness is infinite. God-consciousness is individualized as my consciousness. God-consciousness is the infinite and eternal I of God, therefore that I is the consciousness that I am. So whatever is true of God is true of the consciousness that I am. "Son, thou are ever with me, and all that I have is yours."


You may start on the spiritual Path with the goal of satisfying some material desire, but as your understanding of oneness with God-consciousness increases, you desire to be free of the illusion that you are incomplete.


Before you can discern spiritual, fourth-dimensional truth, you must first be able to recognize the three-dimensional illusion that is masking the truth.


For a long time the idea that “I of myself am nothing,” is a hard pill to swallow. It threatens the ego. But eventually you let go of the belief that you are separate and apart from God and behold the wonderful implications of being nothing of yourself and everything with God.


To desire more good is to stay in the dream of being incomplete, but to expect more good is to know oneness.


Just because you may find yourself thinking unloving thoughts, it doesn’t mean that you are that unloving thinker. You are not. You are the one who can hear the unloving thoughts of a belief in a self apart from God and the one who can know that those thoughts are not originating in you, but in finite mind. What is originating in you is the discernment that knows the difference between what is and what appears to be.


If you are concerned about a sick body, it’s only because you think that a physical body is your body. It’s no more your body than a dream body is your body. The only body you have is the spiritual body of consciousness that God is. When you accept this, your conviction will appear as a healthy physical body.


Usually when you think of the word, I, you draw a mental line around your physical being, and that concept represents the I that you believe you are. It would be more accurate for you to draw a mental line around all that you can be conscious of, including the farthest reaches of the universe, because your identity includes all that you are conscious of. Ultimately you realize that your identity is infinite consciousness itself, around which no line can be drawn; then you understand what “I AM” means.


Think of yourself as being an artist’s brush in God’s hand. The brush can add to the canvas, but the forms on the canvas cannot add to the brush. So relax and let the canvas of your life unfold in His image, as His likeness, and by His hand.


Rather than believe that lapses into thinking during meditation will void the meditation, look upon those lapses as drifting clouds and wait for them to pass.


Before outer conditions can change, your reaction to them must stop, for it is your reaction that perpetuates them by giving truth to the lie.


It is only finite mind that is complaining about the “slowness” of spiritual progress, never the consciousness that you are. Be alert enough to see finite mind when it appears as a wolf is spiritual clothing.


Stillness is the open mind through which the Soul pours its allness.

A word from the author

Above is a sampling of some of the 81 topics from Life Is But A Dream. Others include: Cause And Effect, Forgiveness, God, Good and Evil, Grace, Illusion, Impersonalization, Lack, Matter, Meditation, Mind, Oneness, Prayer, Resist Not, Spirit, Substance, Supply, Take No Thought, and World Work.

The topics are arranged alphabetically in three categories: WHAT IS, WHAT ISN’T (The Dream), and AWAKENING.

Topics are arranged in this manner so that a student can assemble the Puzzle in an individual and, therefore, more meaningful way, by starting with the topic of greatest interest, and branching out from there. Each topic ends with a list of related, cross-referenced topics, to help the student bring into focus the bigger Picture.

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