Welcome Infinite Way Students!

Joel S. Goldsmith was a world renowned spiritual healer and teacher. His years of dedicated devotion to understanding God, made way for a mystical message called "The Infinite Way." This website is dedicated to "you" and it is with great hope that this website be utilized as another tool in the ongoing development of your own spiritual consciousness.

Joel's Wisdom Page

The Joel's Wisdom page is the main focus of this site. Quotes from Joel's books or classwork will be frequently posted. These quotes are meant to "inspire" a student to ponder them, contemplate them and meditate on them. Learn to keep these truths consciously active in your consciousness. I have found when diligently working with truth in this way, and "going slow," with patience and steady perseverance, deeper realizations of truth unfolded gradually. It is the constant working with these statements of truth or principles and taking the time to "be still" that help develop a deeper awareness of spiritual consciousness.

How To Study

Take just one statement of truth or principle at a time and work with it. Seek spiritual understanding within by frequent periods of small meditations. Contemplate these truths throughout the day. There is an element of time involved, and an earnest student should learn to be patient with themselves. At first, these truths are like seeds needing to be cultivated. Like a farmer, we plant them deep into consciousness and nurture them through study and meditation. Eventually these seeds of truth begin to sprout and blossom into greater understanding or what may be termed "spiritual fruitage." We then take on the role of a "beholder" and watch the fruits of our labor unfold lovingly and abundantly. With Eternal Love, I wish you Godspeed on your inward journey.

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